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What home improvements can you with solar?

There are a few home improvements that can be financed with solar:

  1. Solar panel installation: Solar panels can be installed on the roof or on the ground to generate electricity from the sun.

  2. Solar water heaters: These systems use solar energy to heat water for use in your home.

  3. Solar attic fans: These fans use solar energy to ventilate your attic, reducing the heat build-up and protecting your home from damage.

  4. Solar outdoor lighting: Solar outdoor lighting systems use solar panels to power lights around your home.

In general, any home improvement that uses solar energy as a primary power source can potentially be financed with solar. It's important to note that financing options for solar-powered home improvements may vary depending on your location and other factors. It's a good idea to research financing options and speak with a financial professional to determine the best option for your situation.

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